Bariatric Surgery – Non-Surgical procedures


Intra Gastric Balloon: intragastric balloon it is an approved procedure for obesity, in which normal saline is filled in a silicone balloon is placed in your stomach, helping you lose weight by limiting the amount of food intake, and it makes you feel full faster.Like other weight loss procedures, a stomach balloon requires a healthy lifestyle commitment. You need to make permanent health changes to your diet and exercise regularly to ensure the success of balloon procedure.

The balloon has two types:

  • Endoscopic intragastric balloon (balloon for 6 months and balloon for one year)
  • Ellipse gastric balloon (pill balloon 4 months)

Without endoscopy:

  • By swallowing the pill with saline
  • X-rays to ensure the pill reached the stomach
  • X-rays to ensure the pill reached the stomach
  • It does not require removal after 4 months