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Plastic Surgery

The Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery offers patients a range of adult plastic,reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures such as Liposuction and Lipo-injection (removing up to 20 liters of pure fat in one session and injecting fat to increase the size of breasts, hands, legs, buttocks, face and nasolabial fold). Other available procedures include Rhinoplasty, Mammoplasty (breast reducation and enlargement), Facelift, Abdominoplasty (redundant abdominal skin, Potbelly abdomen), hair transplant and treatment of baldness, Blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid surgeries), Bat Ears correction and scar revision.

Services Offered

Botox and Filler.
Breast reduction & Lift.
Breast Augmentation.
Liposuction & Body Contouring.
Body Lift after Bariatric Surgery and Weight loss.
Gynecomastia Treatment.

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