Dr. Mohammad Younis

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Dr. Mohammad Younis

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Speciality Interests

Bariatric Surgery


1 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder) 2 Laparoscopic appendectomy (removal of the appendix) 3 Laparoscopic splenoctomy ( removal of the spleen)/Open 4Laparoscopic total – Hemi colectomy ( removal of the colon)/open 5 Diagnostic laparoscopy 6 Laparoscopic repair of perforated peptic ulcer 7 Open/Laparoscopic removal of simple liver swelling 8Excision of breast mass 9Resection of the colon /rectum for benign or malignant mass 10Management of colostomy 11Resection of the stomach 12Total /partial excision of the thyroid gland 13Lap/open Repair of hernia ( like in groin,abdominal wall) 14 Treatment of gastroesophgeal reflux 15 Excision of simple pancreatic swelling 16Excision of neck swelling 17 Treatment of anorectal condition like piles,fistula,fissure,polyp,pus. 18 Treatment of pilonidal sinus. 19 Treatment of diabetic foot 20Treatment of hand infection 21 Drainage of subcutaneous pus 22 Management of skin swelling 23 Management of ingrowing toe nail 24 Management of acute abdominal pain 25 sleeve Gatroectomy 26 Gastric banding 27 Gastric band removal 28 breast Mastectomy