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Dr. Nabil Al lawati

Bsc Health Sciences, M.D. FRCP (Edinburgh). FCCP Repiratory and Sleep Disorders (UBC, CANADA)

Dr. Ammar Mohsin Al Lawati
Senior Consultanat - E.N.T

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, MD Italy Facharzt in Otorhinolaryngologist, MS Germany Fellowship Gruppo Otologic, Italy

Dr. Mustafa Issam
Resident Phyisician

General Practitioner MD

Dr. Mohammad Younis
Senior Specialist General Surgery, Laparoscopic

Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Mustafa Bozaid
Consultant - Plastic Surgeon

Europian Board of Plastic Surgeon Fellowship of Plastic Surgery

Univercity of Manitoba, Canada

Dr. Meena Kothari Harris
Senior Consultant - OB Gynecologist

M.B.B.S., M.D., D.G.O., D.F.P.SSS

Dr. Ilham Mustafa Al Lawati
Senior Consultant - Dermatologist

The Arab board of Medical Specialization in Dermatology

Fellowship in Dermatology & Photobiology (USA)

Dr. Salem Al Harthy
Senior Consultanat – Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Interventional Endoscopist


Dr. Sayed Attia El Behery
Senior Consultanat - Urologist

French Fellowship in Urology

European Board in Urology

Egyption Fellowship in Urology

Dr. Saeb Zeidan

More than 20 years’ Experience.

DR. Wissam Hassan
E.N.T Specialist

Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.

DR. Samer Ali
Specialist - Pediatrics

Master Degree in Pediatric

DR. Asad Mahmood
Resident Physician - General Practitioner

Internal Medicine


DR. Janan Esmail Al Najjar
Spcialist Urologic Surgery

Fellow of European Board of Urology

Dr. Manohar Thimmegowda
Visiting Consultant Urologist

Fellow in Endourology - USA

Dr. Hani Al Qadhi
Senior Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgery


Professor/ Dr. Mousa Khoursheed
Consultant laparascopic Bariatric Surgery

Tumors and Gastroenterology


Professor of Medical Collage, Kuwait University

Dr. Guido Mannaerts
Consultant General Surgery, Laparoscopic

Bariatric Surgery

MD, PHD - Surgeon from Holland

Dr. Hamed M. Al Harthy
Senior Consultanat Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

BDS (Glsw), FDS, RCE (Eng) FICD (USA)

DR. Zuhair Gheni
Specialist - Orthopedic