Nutrition Clinic


  • Anthropometric measurements and Body Composition analysis of fat, Muscle, and water content.
  • Weekly follow up with patients and clients.
  • Diet planning for obese and underweight people.
  • Diet planning for diabetes, hypertension, Anemia and gastrointestinal tract disorders, liver, and kidney diseases.
  • Diet planning & follow up with bariatric patients post and pre-operation.
  • Counseling and diet planning for athletes.
  • Counseling & diet plans for PLW’s.
  • Counseling & diet planning for heart disease patients with high cholesterol levels.
  • Nutrition counseling for optimal infants and young child feeding practices.
  • Follow up with surgical patients (nutrition wise).


The dietitian unit provides healthy nutritional programs for all our patients who suffer from diabetes, heart, liver and kidney problems or who are overweight and obese, as well as those who suffer from thinness. Dietary instructions are provided during pregnancy and lactation, especially for women who suffer from diabetes. In addition, the department offers special health and fitness programs to meet the aspirations of women to have a harmonious and healthy body