Rehabilitation Department


Our goal in physiotherapy is to provide safety and pleasure to help and achieve the movement required for children and adults.
The physiotherapy team begins with a comprehensive initial assessment of the patient’s condition followed by the integrated treatment plan. The treatment program will be based on recent scientific evidence, in addition to the fun additions our therapists attracts your child in treatment, including growth-building skills, neuromuscular rehabilitation with manual techniques, balance training, evaluation recommendations and extensive training for the family. We also provide hospital stay and optimal treatment for motor, neurological and sensory disabilities resulting from cerebral palsy and road traffic injuries for adults and children.



  • Rehabilitation of neurological diseases and cerebral palsy
  • Balance treatment for children using the Spider Cage
  • Providing rehabilitation sessions for the handicapped at home
  • Rehabilitation sensory integration for children
  • Rehabilitation of children’s writing problems
  • Treating hand and foot pain with wax therapy.
  • Rehabilitation after orthopedics and sports injuries
  • Treatment of sciatica and back pain
  • Rehabilitation of learning disabilities
  • Training for daily activities of the disabled
  • Training of hand functions


AbuZar bin Tariq
AbuZar bin Tariq